Tour 1: T-41

Our T-41 launch facility trainer (LFT) is used to teach trainees proper procedures to operate and maintain launch facilities. The trainer includes a modified payload transporter (PT) semi-trailer, an elevated work platform, a two-level Launcher Equipment Room (LER), a launch tube with simulated missile third stage, an instructor’s room, and an Environmental Control System (ECS) equipment room. It simulates in appearance and function the LER and upper launch tube of an actual operational launch facility (LF). Come see the inside of launch facilities we drive by every day and learn how they are maintained!

No sign-up is necessary, shuttles for this tour run continuously.

Tour 2: Museum & Air Park

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Step back in time and immerse yourself in local military heritage.  Learn about the evolution of Malmstrom Air Force Base, from its inception as a bomber training base during World War II, to its current mission, controlling the world’s most expansive Minuteman III missile field.  On your trip, discover how a community came together during war, persevered with tenacity in a crisis, and embraced a lethality that assures regional stability and deters adversarial aggression.

Mission Focus:

The Malmstrom Museum and Air Park endeavors to preserve the heritage and traditions of the USAF and the bases’ varied missions from Pre-WWII to the present, and beyond.  By doing so, we are able to animate USAF and AFGSC priorities through tangible storylines via thought provoking interpretive and educational exhibits, displays and programming.

No sign-up is necessary, shuttles for this tour run continuously.

Tour 3: Missile Procedure Trainer (MPT)

The Missile Procedure Trainer (MPT) is the facility used by missile operators to hone their mission essential skills. The MPT is a simulator of the actual launch control centers (LCCs) throughout our 13,800 square mile missile field where missile operators are on continuous alert, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide the combat capability to deter our nation’s adversaries. Come see what daily alert life is like, learn about the capabilities of our nation’s most powerful weapon, and simulate launching an ICBM!

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